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Log of the Albatross

Log of the Albatross CD cover

Log of the Albatross is our CD of traditional sailor songs and chanteys, released in 2008.

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Track Listing:

     Away Rio
     Larry Marr
     Jolly Bold Robber
     Tom's Gone to Hilo
     Johnson Girls
     Wings of a Goney
     Fire Maringo
     Old Moke
     Cape Cod Girls
     South Australia
     Bully in the Alley
     Henry Martin
     Blow the Man Down

horizontal line made of rope


Away Rio

Our ship went a-sailing out over the bar,
Away, for Rio!
She's pointed her bow to the bright southern star,
And we're bound for the Rio Grande!

And it's away, bullies, away.
Away, for Rio!
So fare thee well, to ya pretty young girls,
we're bound for the Rio Grande!

Oh say, was ya never down Rio Grande,
It's there that the river flows down golden sand.

We was sick of the shore when our money was gone,
So we signed on this packet to drive her along.

We're a deepwater ship with a deepwater crew,
We can stick to the coast but we're damned if we do.

There's some of us sick and there's some of us sore,
We've scoffed all our whack and we're looking for more.

We'll man the good capstan and run her around,
We'll heave up the anchor to this bully song.

It's farewell to Sally and farewell to Sue,
And you on the pierhead it's goodbye to you.

Lead vocal: Walt
Harmony: Griff, Jon


Larry Marr

In 'Frisco town there lived a man, and Larry Marr was his name,
And in the days of the Cape Horn trade he played the shanghai game.

In the old Virgina lowlands, lowlands, low.
In the old Virgina lowlands, low. 

Five or six old drunken shellbacks standing at the bar,
An' Larry he was serving them from the big five-gallon jar.

A hell-ship she was wantin' hands, o' full red-blooded tars,
So Larry an' the Missus they primed the beer in the big five gallon jar.

Shellbacks an' farmers just the same sailed into Larry Marr's,
And found their way around the Horn, helped by the big stone jar.

From the Barbary Coast steer clear me boys, and from old Larry Marr,
Or else damn soon shanghaied you'll be by the big five-gallon jar.

In 'Frisco town their names are known as in the Cape Horn bars,
And the dope they served up to old Jack from the big five-gallon jar.
Bound away on a skys'l ship, 'round Cape Horn so far,
Goodbye to all the boys and girls and to Larry's five-gallon jar.

Lead vocal: Walt
Harmony: Griff, Jon


Jolly Bold Robber

Come all you good people who go out a-tippling,
I pray you come in and listen to me song.
I'll tell you the tale of a jolly bold robber,
Stood seven foot high, in proportion quite strong.

Well, he robbed lawyer Morgan and old Lady Dawkins;
Five hundred bright guineas from each one of them;
And as he went patrolling a sailor come strolling,
And bold as a lion he slewed up to him.

"Hand over your money, you saucy young sailor.
You've plenty of bulk in your pockets, I see."
"Aye, aye," says the sailor, "I've plenty of money,
But I'm damned till I'm dead if I've any for thee.

For I've just left me ship, gave the press-gang the slip now,
I'm bound up to London my sweetheart to meet.
I've four bright sovereigns for to pay our sweet lodgings,
I pray you, bold robber, please leave them to me."

Well the robber caught hold of that saucy young sailor;
With a blow like a pole-axe felled him to the ground.
"Aye, aye," says the sailor, "You've struck me quite heavy,
And now I'll endeavor to repay you in kind."

'Twas then that they stripped and like tigers they skipped,
And they went blow for blow like two soldiers in the field.
At the ninety-seventh meeting it was the completing,
As the jolly bold robber by the sailor was killed.

The sailor stood over that bloodstained old robber.
"I pray you'll forgive me, old fellow," says he,
"But if I had just lifted one thousand bright guineas,
I'd be damned if I'd stop a poor sailor like me."

Vocal: Jon
Mandolin: Griff
Concertina: Jon


Tom's Gone to Hilo

Oh Tommy's gone on a whaling ship
Away to Hilo
Oh Tommy's gone on a damned long trip
Tom's gone to Hilo

He did not kiss his girl goodbye
Sure he's left her and he's told her why

For she drank and boozed his pay away
With a weather eye on his next pay-day

His half pay went, and it went like chaff
Still she hung around for the other half

Oh Tommy's gone to Callao
To see them Spanish girls, I know

Oh Tommy's gone to old Hilo
He won't be back from there, I know

Oh Tommy's gone and he won't be back
Sure he's left his girl, and he's left her flat

Lead vocal: Walt
Harmony: Jon, Griff

Johnson Girls

Them Johnson girls they's a mighty fine girls.
Walk around, honey, walk around!
Them Johnson girls they's a mighty fine girls.
Walk around, honey, walk around!

Oh they neat in the waist, they got mighty fine legs.
Oh they neat in the waist, they got mighty fine legs.

They got great big legs, they got teeny eensy feet.
Got great big legs, they got teeny eensy feet.

Beefsteak, beefsteak make a little gravy.
Your thing, my thing, make a little baby.

They got something over yonder they call Jamaica jam,
Well it's hot as cayenne but it's good God damn.

Them Johnson girls they's a mighty fine girls.
Them Johnson girls they's a mighty fine girls.

Lead vocal: Walt
Supporting vocals: Jon, Griff


Wings of a Goney

Oh, if I had the wings of a goney, me boys,
I would spread 'em and fly home.
I would leave old Greenland's icy grounds,
For the Right Whale here is none.
The weather's rough and the winds do blow.
There's little comfort here
And I'd sooner be snug in a New Bedford pub
A' drinking of strong beer.

Oh, a man must be mad or wanting money bad
To venture catching whales,
For he may be drowned when the fish turns around
Or his head smashed in with its tail.
Though the work sounds grand to a young green hand
And his heart is high when he goes,
But in a very short burst he'd as soon as hear a curse
As the cry of: "There she blows!"

"All hands on deck now, for God's sake!
Move briskly if you can."
And he stumbles on deck so dizzy and so sick,
For his life he don't give a damn.
High overhead the great fluke's spread
And the mate gives the whale the iron
And soon the blood in a purple flood
From his spout all comes a flyin'.

These trials we bear for nigh on four years
'Til our flying jib points towards home.
We're supposed, for our toil, to get a bonus on the oil
And an equal share of the bone.
When we go to the agent to settle for the trip
Oh it's there we find cause to repent,
For we've slaved away four long years of our lives
And we've earned not one red cent.

Lead vocal: Walt
Harmony: Jon, Griff


Fire Maringo

Lift him up and carry him along,
Fire Marengo, fire him away,
Lay him in the hold where he belong,
Fire Marengo, fire him away!

Lay him down in the hold below,
One more turn and then we'll go.

Ease him down and let him lay,
One more turn and we're away.

When I get to Liverpool town,
I'll pass a line to little Sally Brown.

Little Sally Brown she's a handy little craft,
Sharp up forw'd and rounded in the aft.

Stow that cotton, stow it down,
Let's get back to Liverpool town.

Fire Marengo, fire him away,
Fire Marengo, fire him away!

Lead vocal: Walt
Supporting vocal: Jon, Griff


Old Moke

He-bang, she-bang, daddy shot a bear
Shot him in the stern, me boys, and never turned a hair
We're from the railroad, too-rer-loo
An' the old moke's pickin' on a banjo.

Hooraw! What the hell's the row?
We're all from the railroad, too-rer-loo
We're all from the railroad, too-rer-loo
And, the old moke's pickin' on a banjo!

It's Pat, get back, take in yer slack. And heave away, me boys;
Heave away, me bully boys, stand up an make some noise!

Roll her, boys, bowl her, boys, give 'er flamin' gip,
Drag thc anchor off the mud, an' let the bugger rip!

Rock-a-block, chock-a-block, heave the capstan round,
Fish the flamin' anchor up, for we are outward bound.

Out chocks, two blocks, heave away or bust,
Bend yer backs, me bully boys, kick up some flamin' dust.

Whisky-O, johnny-O, the mudhook is in sight,
'Tis a hell-of-a-way to the gals that wait, an' the ol' Nantucket

Lead vocal: Walt
Supporting vocals: Jon, Griff



O Amble is a fine town with ships about the bay
It's fain and very fain to be there myself today
I'm wishing in my heart I was far away from here
Sitting in my parlor and talking with my dear

And it's home, dearie, home, it's home I want to be
My topsails are hoisted and I am bound to sea
The oak and the ash and the bonnie birchen tree
Are all a-growing green in the North country
And it's home, dearie, home

Well a letter came today, but somehow I cannot speak
The proud and happy tears are a-rolling down my checks
There's someone here, she says, you've been waiting for to see
With your merry hazel eyes, looking up from off my knee

Well the letter did not say if we had a boy or girl
It's got me so confused, my heart is in a whirl
So I'm racin' back to port, where I'll quickly turn around
And take the fastest ship, back to Ambletown is bound

Well now, if is a girl, she shall wear a golden ring
If it is a boy, he shall live to serve the King
With his buckles and his boots and his little jacket blue
He'll walk the quarterdeck, like his daddy used to do

Lead vocal: Walt
Harmony vocal: Jon
Chorus: Griff, Jon
Guitar: Bryan
Concertina: Griff


Cape Cod Girls

Cape Cod girls don't use no combs,
Haul away, haul away!
They comb their hair with the codfish bones.
And we're bound away for Australia!

So heave her up me bully, bully boys,
Haul away, haul away!
Heave her up and don't you make a noise
And we're bound away for Australia!

Them Cape Cod cats don't have no tails,
They all got lost in the northeast gales.

Cape Cod kids don't got no sleds,
They slide down hills on codfish heads.

Cape Cod docs ain't got no pills,
They feed their patients codfish gills.

Cape Cod gals ain't got no frills,
They're skinny and tight as a codfish gills.

Lead vocal: Walt
Supporting vocals: Jon, Griff

South Australia

In South Australia I was born,
Heave away! Haul away!
In South Australia round Cape Horn.
We're bound for South Australia!

Haul away you rollin' king
Heave away! Haul away!
All the way you'll hear me sing,
We're 'bound for South Australia.

As I walked out one morning fair,
It's there I met Miss Nancy Blair.

I shook her up, I shook her down,
I shook her round and round the town.

There ain't but one thing grieves me mind,
To leave Miss Nancy Blair behind.

South Australia's a bloody fine place,
To get blind drunk is no disgrace.

Lead vocal: Walt
Supporting vocals: Jon, Griff

Bully in the Alley

Help me, Bob, I’m bully in the alley
Way, hey, bully in the alley
Help me, Bob, I’m bully in the alley
Bully down in Shinbone Al'

Oh, Sally is the gal that I love dearly
Way, hey, bully in the alley
Sally is the gal that I spliced nearly
Bully down in Shinbone Al'

For seven long years I courted Sally
All she ever did was dilly dally

I'll leave my gal and I'll go sailin'
Leave my Sal and I'll go whalin'

Oh, Sally she's my queen of aces
All schooner-rigged in silks and laces

When I get back I’ll marry Sally
Raise our kids down Shinbone Alley

Lead vocal: Walt
Supporting vocals: Jon, Griff

Henry Martin

There were three brothers in merry Scotland
In merry Scotland there were three.
And they did cast lots which of them should go, should go, should go
And turn robber all on the salt sea.

The lot it fell first upon Henry Martin
The youngest of all the three
That he should turn robber all on the salt sea, the salt sea, the salt sea
For to maintain his two brothers and he.

Well he had not been sailing but a long winter's night
And part of a short winter's day
When he espied a stout lofty ship, lofty ship, lofty ship
Come a bibing down on her straight 'way.

Ahoy, ahoy, cried Henry Martin
What makes you sail so nigh?
I'm a rich merchant ship bound for fair London town, London town, London town
Won't you please for to let me pass by?

O no, o no, cried Henry Martin
That thing it never can be.
For I have turned robber all on the salt sea, the salt sea, the salt sea
For to maintain my two brothers and me.

So lower your topsail and brail up your mizzen
And bring your ship under my lee
Or I shall give to you a full cannon ball, cannon ball, cannon ball
And your dear bodies drown in the salt sea.

O no, we won't lower our lofty topsail
nor bring our ship under your lee.
And you shant take from us our rich merchant goods, merchant goods, merchant goods
Nor point our bold guns to the sea.

Then broadside and broadside and at it they went
For fully two hours or three.
'Til Henry Martin gave to them the death shot, the death shot, the death shot
And straight to the bottom went she.

Bad news, bad news to old England came
Bad news to fair London town.
There's been a rich vessel and she's cast away, cast away, cast away
And all of her merry men drowned.

Lead vocal: Griff
Harmony vocals: Walt, Jon
Mandolin: Griff
Guitar: Bryan

Blow the Man Down

As I was a walking down Paradise Street
T'me, way hey blow the man down!
A handsome young damsel I chanced for to meet.
Give me some time to blow the man down!

She was round in the counter and bluff in the bow,
So I put on all sail and called, "Way hold up now!"

So I hauled out my flipper and took her in tow,
And yardarm to yardarm away we did go.

Said she to me, "Would you stand treat?"
"Delighted!" said I, "For a charmer so sweet!"

Well I drank down a pint and she swallowed a quart.
I listed to starboard, she listed to port.

T'was up in her quarters, she piped me aboard
And there on her bed I cut loose with me sword.

Well, I ruffled her scuppers, I battered her stern,
And down in her galley I was done to a turn.

But just as my cutter was a forging ahead,
She hollered, "My husband!" and jumped out of bed.

He was seven foot tall with a chest like a horse,
And straight for my jawbone he plotted his course.

Well he battered my rudder, he loosened my stays,
And I flew down the steps like a ship on the ways.

Well I hopped on a packet that happened along,
And when I woke up I was signed for Hong Kong.

So young men take warning before I belay,
Don't ever take heed of what pretty gals say.

Lead vocal: Griff
Supporting vocals: Walt, Jon
Mandolin: Griff
Guitar: Bryan
Concertina: Jon